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Manila Bulletin Lifestyle’s most viral articles in 2019


As we move closer to the end of the 2019, posts about “the year in review” or rundowns of what was hot and what was not are popping up all over the internet. These are basically lists of what made the year memorable, for better or worse. There’s even an app that lets you see your top nine posts for the year on Instagram, judging by how many “hearts” it got.


Assuming that virality is the measure of what is memorable, here are the 10 most shared stories from Manila Bulletin Lifestyle this year.


A tribute to Henry Sy, Sr.

Mr. Sy was one of those rare men who always looked the same. In his Carriedo store by the name of Shoe Mart (two words, if memory serves), he was always in white, those times I was with my mother and her sisters looking for shoes for school (mine) and for special occasions (theirs). He was always in white, as I recall, a white polo shirt with short sleeves, and something told me he was the owner as well as the cashier because a handful of salesgirls were taking their cues from him as they attended to the customers. For me, those shoe-shopping trips were a bonus: Mr. Sy’s store was a few shoe steps from Mama’s favorite bake shop, Vienna, and my aunties’ go-to store for Chinese-style ham.

Read the original story here.


Jojo Bragais on depression

Popular shoe designer Jojo Bragais said that depression made him a better person as he thanked all those who gave him a second chance to fulfill his dreams. On a Facebook post uploaded on March 15, Bragais also called on the public never to stop dreaming and hustling.

Read the original story here.


The (social) media doctor

Willie, or Doc Willie as most people would call him, speaks in his videos in the way he does in real life. His English, he says, is not even perfect. But that doesn’t matter, it seems. And the Silver Google Play Button plaque hanging in a wall inside his home office is proof of that.

Read the original story here.


Women in STEM

Women pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics or STEM was viewed as uncommon, as these industries were seen as male-dominated. Women in hard hats? Women trading heels for utility boots? Women sending shuttles to outer space? For a long time, these didn’t seem normal. But it’s a fast-changing world with more technology-driven demands and having more women in STEM fields is increasingly becoming important.

Read the original story here.


A breath of fresh air for the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival

Gone are those days when hot air balloons were mere figments of our imagination and could only be viewed in our favorite Pixar films, thanks to the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival that has been serving the aerial attraction for our eyes to feast on since 1994. […] Now, it gets bolder and brighter every year with high-energy ground festivities and new additions to the lineup of eye-popping balloons in all shapes and sizes. Safety officer Serafin Tolentino also assures that everyone’s welfare is to be taken care of since it’s a big event that will be graced by around 50,000 to 70,000 people from different walks of life—from families to tourists.

Read the original story here.


DPWH Secretary Mark Villar gives a report on ‘Build, Build, Build’

We are now entering the “Golden Age of Infrastructure”—where our structures, facilities, and services are safe, efficient, reliable, cost effective, resilient, and sustainable—and its effects will be widely manifested through the smooth and efficient flow of people, goods, services, and information by way of increased mobility and seamless interconnection.

Read the original story here.


Local chocolate maker and farmer win Top 20 Best Cacao Beans, a first for the PH

The Philippines just made history in Paris, France. At the Salon Du Chocolat, the largest chocolate show in the world, Auro Chocolate won Top 20 Best Cacao Beans in the World for the prestigious Cacao of Excellence Award. Jose Sugban or Mang Jose, one of Auro’s original farming partners, was previously selected among the Top 50, and the only one to represent the  Philippines for the Cacao of Excellence Award.

Read the original story here.


There’s a bill introducing a Philippine High School for Sports

What is most promising about New Clark City post-SEA Games is the government’s plan to establish the first-ever Philippine High School for Sports in the area. A huge tarpaulin announcing the school’s planned location has been put up near the entrance to the newly built city. […] Once this bill is passed, the school will look for aspiring athletes across the country. These sports prodigies will receive full scholarships for six years, from junior to senior high school, including free board and lodging at the Athlete’s Village.

Read the original story here.


Feeding athletes at the 2019 SEA Games

Amid the controversy that members of the women’s football teams for the 30th Southeast Asian Games were served kikiam, which many rated as insufficient, the players housed at the Athletes’ Village in New Clark City didn’t suffer from the same fate.

Read the original story here.


The award PHISGOC really got

The Sports Industry Awards (SPIA) Asia recognized the Philippine Southeast Asian Games (PHISGOC)’s effort for planning and hosting the 30th SEA Games. SPIA gave PHISGOC a Special Excellence Award during the ceremony recently held at the Grand Hyatt Manila.

Read the original story here.

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