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Living a healthy, meaningful life



From moving more and eating better, celebrities and fitness enthusiasts share their best health decisions to inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle this year

My best health decision is following the advice of my sports nutritionist: no fried food, less intake of sweets, and practicing portion control. Good food discipline is a part of my continuous progress in my training and it shows. —HIDILYN DIAZ, Olympics silver medalist

I’ve decided to live an overall healthy lifestyle and maintain it until I get older. I do Pilates four to five times a week to supplement a 3k run. I make sure to do cardio, like a 30-minute run or a spin class, every time I go to the gym. I’ve also taken out meat, beef, and chicken out of my diet. I feel better, lighter, and faster in my workouts, and it also puts me in a better mood throughout the day. —KYLIE VERZOSA, actress

No soft drinks, no pork. Less carbs, no smoking, and less alcohol consumption. —PANCHO MAGNO, health enthusiast

The best health decision I’ve made to date is getting on the Baron Method. It taught me the value of food and how it affects how we eat, sleep, and function from day to day. To date, I’ve never been more energetic and full of life, able to work out and sleep properly. —SAM GOGNA, radio host

Best health decision I ever made was when I chose to not settle on being average and always wanting to get better. This decision came when I decided to play football as a career at the age of 13. —ANTON DEL ROSARIO, football athlete

Implementing intermittent fasting to my daily lifestyle! It has done wonders to my health, energy, and productivity. —WIL DASOVICH, vlogger

I believe it was when I replaced rice with vegetables. I got to appreciate the actual taste of vegetables and not masking their taste just to eat them. They became the main part of my diet rather than a side dish I occasionally had. It was one of the first health decisions I made and created a chain reaction of other ones. —RHIAN RAMOS, actress

For a long time as a basketball player, I have always observed my health habits such as sleeping eight hours or more every day, drinking only on special occasions, exercising two hours a day. I also avoid eating fatty food and too much sweets. Recently, I shifted into plant-based food, and of course, I do a yearly executive checkup abroad. I take good care of my body because we all know that health is wealth. —JAMES YAP, basketball player

Aside from being vegetarian, my best lifestyle decision was to do triathlon as it really changed my life in general.—JAKE CUENCA, actor

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