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Readers’ Photo Corner


By Raffy Paredes

Here are today’s featured readers and their photos.

  • Kaws in Doha (Melanie Sandicho)

    Kaws in Doha (Melanie Sandicho)

  • Whisper Me Your Wish (Jin Dela Cruz)

    Whisper Me Your Wish (Jin Dela Cruz)

  • Untitled (Marife Agsaoay )

    Untitled (Marife Agsaoay )

  • Untitled (Japhet Bendol)

    Untitled (Japhet Bendol)

  • Untitled (Chris Balgoa)

    Untitled (Chris Balgoa)

  • Sunrise in Limay, Bataan (Anthony Mungcal)

    Sunrise in Limay, Bataan (Anthony Mungcal)

  • Pagkapit Sa Gitna Ng Pagsubok (Jill Ann Carel Sumadsad)

    Pagkapit Sa Gitna Ng Pagsubok (Jill Ann Carel Sumadsad)

  • Genuine Smile (Andro Cris Domingo)

    Genuine Smile (Andro Cris Domingo)

  • Crossing The Border (Mandy N. Buenconsejo)

    Crossing The Border (Mandy N. Buenconsejo)

  • Baby Elle (Leonito Lopue)

    Baby Elle (Leonito Lopue)

    Andro Cris Domingo shares his photo titled “Genuine Smile.” He writes: “This photo was taken years ago during my travel to Murcia, Negros Occidental. While on my way going and trekking to Mambukal falls, these three little kids were playing around me and kept smiling. Then, when I sat in a waiting shed, they followed me again smilingly and I had a short chat with them. So, I asked them if I could take a picture of them and they just nodded gracefully.”

    Anthony Mungcal sent in the photo, “Sunrise in Limay, Bataan” taken on December 27, 2019.

    From Chris Balgoa is an untitled photo of a Christmas light display in the town of Pototan in Panay. Chris writes that the town, considered as the rice granary of Panay island, has put on a grand light display for the past two decades earning the title as the region’s Christmas capital. From mid-December, Pototan holds a two-week festival called Iwag, a multi-layered Hiligaynon word which means “to light.” Aside from the light displays, the festival features nightly shows, a food fair, and a carnival.

    The photo of a caterpillar on a plant stem titled “Pagkapit sa Gitna ng Pagsubok” comes from Jill Ann Carel Sumadsad of the Laguna State Polytechnic University- San Pablo City Campus.

    Jin Dela Cruz submitted the photo of a Japanese performer giving an ear to his trained monkey titled “Whisper Me Your Wish.”

    From Tablon, Cagayan de Oro, Japhet Bendol shares her untitled photo of the recent annular eclipse. The partial eclipse was only visible from Mindanao.

    Seafarer Mandy N. Buenconsejo contributed the photo, “Crossing the Border.” He writes: “He is not in the circus even if it looks like he is doing some balancing technique. Actually it was taken during our normal working days here at sea. I needed to lay down just make a snapshot of this action.”

    Marife Agsaoay was doing some fun shots with friends and did not realize she had captured the conjunction of Venus and the moon in her untitled silhouette photo. It was a post from her FB timeline that informed her that the bright star above the moon was the planet Venus.

    “Kaws in Doha” is from Melanie Sandicho. Her photo description reads: “That’s Kaws (by Brian Donnelly) on the background, the popular gray scale figure based on Mickey Mouse. Social media has made a big impact in our generation nowadays. It created positive and negative results on our daily routines. Such as Update syndrome, dependence on online friends, FOMO syndrome, and most specially reducing attention span with the people around us. And I can say that Kaws is one of the bright examples of what’s going everywhere and sad to say that there’s someone who needs more of our attention than social media.”

    And Leonito “Diotay” Lopue, a longtime contributor to this column shares a photo of his soon to be one-year-old granddaughter titled “Baby Elle.” Diotay writes that they call Baby Elle a miracle baby for having survived a very distressful birth which had her confined in the hospital on respirator for a month.

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