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Scary Dares

How to deal with dangerous online challenges


By Jane Kingsu Cheng

At some point in our lives, we all did “fun” challenges with our friends. And being the cool parents we want to be to our kids, our instincts are to do these dares together at home. Remember the “ice bucket challenge” back in 2014? Parents were doing this with their kids splashing a pail of ice cold water on them. It was all over the social media feed. This was just one of the safer dares back then.

Now, it has evolved to scarier and high-risk ones. Leading the pack are the Skull Breaker or Tripping Jump and Penny challenges. Skull Breaker involves kids tricking their friend to jump, then swooping their legs from behind. This causes the victim to trip and land flat on the ground. As for the Penny challenge, one inserts the penny in between the exposed prongs of the charger while it is plugged into an outlet. This causes sparks, electrical damages, and even fire.

Scary Dares

These two are just some of the many life-threatening challenges online, and our children might not know better. How do we make sure we prevent further harm?

No to peer pressure

Kids tend to say yes to things they don’t even want to do, just to get the approval of their friends. Find out how he is doing in school to see how he feels about his set of friends. A simple “How’s your day?” can help you figure out if he needs support and advice.

When it comes to participating in these videos, you can leave them with this question to ponder, “Is this a video you want to be made public?”

Face the danger

Some parents will pretend they didn’t see the videos going around. They might even think showing them to their children might give their kids ideas. On the contrary, it is better for them to find out about these videos  from you, their parent and an adult, who can show them the repercussions of getting into these stunts.

Open communication

Now that we’ve passed the denial stage, it is best for you to discuss these challenges with your children. Make it clear that they have to check with you first if they are considering doing these online dares. This way,

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