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A Sense of Realism

Photographer of the Week: Jacob Juan Arnaldo G. Borres


By Maan D’Asis Pamaran

With a trusty point-and-shoot Kodak Discman gifted to him by his parents at the age of seven, Jacob Juan Arnaldo G. Borres practiced basic composition, carefully taking his photos because he understood how expensive rolls of film and developing them were back then. “You had to practice utmost discipline in choosing the images you shoot and eventually print them to see the final output,” he recalls.

This is why, when he got his first digital SLR, a Nikon D70, he realized that photography holds endless possibilities. “You can take unlimited shots and see the actual result on the screen. Then, I learned that you can even enhance your image better by learning to post process.  This made photography more challenging and fun, and that is how I fell in love with it.  Digital photography awakened my photo artistry and eventually led me to develop my own unique style.”

  • Winter (Jake Borres)

    Winter (Jake Borres)

  • Warrior (Jake Borres)

    Warrior (Jake Borres)

  • Trio (Jake Borres)

    Trio (Jake Borres)

  • Sipag at Tiyaga (Jake Borres)

    Sipag at Tiyaga (Jake Borres)

  • Singapore (Jake Borres)

    Singapore (Jake Borres)

  • San Sebastian (Jake Borres)

    San Sebastian (Jake Borres)

  • Sabong (Jake Borres)

    Sabong (Jake Borres)

  • Light and Shade (Jake Borres)

    Light and Shade (Jake Borres)

  • LA (Jake Borres)

    LA (Jake Borres)

  • Top View (Jake Borres)

    Top View (Jake Borres)

  • Calmness (Jake Borres)

    Calmness (Jake Borres)

  • Bamboo Forest (Jake Borres)

    Bamboo Forest (Jake Borres)

  • Grupo (Jake Borres)

    Grupo (Jake Borres)

  • Fishing Village (Jake Borres)

    Fishing Village (Jake Borres)

  • Desert Curves (Jake Borres)

    Desert Curves (Jake Borres)

  • Chapel (Jake Borres)

    Chapel (Jake Borres)

  • Batchoy (Jake Borres)

    Batchoy (Jake Borres)

  • Bangca (Jake Borres)

    Bangca (Jake Borres)

  • Asin (Jake Borres)

    Asin (Jake Borres)

  • Ani (Jake Borres)

    Ani (Jake Borres)

  • Library (Jake Borres)

    Library (Jake Borres)

    “Photography is visual storytelling and I want the viewer to be immersed in my stories,” he describes. “I practice Digital Fine Art and Travel Photography. I love to travel, and each place I visit has a tale to tell. My work is focused on the Local Culture, Places and Scenes.”

    As a lensman who specializes in black-and-white images, mood is important to him, when he takes his travel photos and says that the surrounding environment is also a factor. “I usually take images on a darker side (low key), since it conveys more drama and a sense of realism. For me, black and white is classic photography.  The image stands out if you want to tell a story.  It gives you the perfect balance in a photo, a healthy mix of light that draws out the shadows, mid-tones and highlights. Black-and-white photography also sets the mood and tone of your subject and how it will appeal to your audience.”

    The best thing about being a photographer, the 45-year-old Ilonggo businessman says, “is being able to have creative freedom. You shoot what you like, you shoot what you enjoy and transform it to something special.Then, as a digital artist, I can play with my imagination to tell my visual story.”

    Jacob is very active in photography circles. He joins contests for fun, he says, and won in a Philippine Airlines contest in 2007. The next year, he was chosen to be part of Team Olympus Philippines during the Masskara Festival in Bacolod. He also contributed several images to the Fiesta! Fiesta! Coffee-table book by Reynaldo Alejandro. On the digital artist side, he has given seminars on Photoshop basics and how to integrate the program into a photographer’s workflow.

    As one of the founding members of the Panay Digital Shooters Inc. (PDS) camera club based in Iloilo City, he shares his tips for beginners: “The most basic principle as a lensman is to understand light, and how you can use it to your advantage when taking the photo.  When it comes to composition, always think out of the box.  Look for something that appeals to your eye and click away.”

    (Instagram: @imagesbyJakeB)

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