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The List of Luxe

Indulge in these home pieces from designer fashion brands


By Angela Casco

Elevating the design of your home is not about decorating it with as much gold or silver accent items. More often than not, it’s in choosing home pieces that matter, which, for many homeowners, are those that offer the experience of a complete lifestyle, from clothing to furniture.

This is why prestigious fashion houses venturing into home furnishing come as no surprise. Creatives dedicated to dressing people have recognized that their design vision can come to life not just on the runway, but also inside homes. The earliest among high fashion labels to come out with items for the home include Fendi Casa in 1988, Armani Casa in 2000, and Bottega Veneta Home in 2006—all of which are now available in the Philippines via Sovrano.

A new addition to Ferdie Ong’s Living Innovations, a multi-brand furniture and accessories company, Sovrano—the Italian word for sovereign—aims to show that “we are different from everyone else and that we are a brand that wants to bring something new.” True enough, the newcomer is the first to bring fashion furniture in the country, consolidating three design giants all in one place.

“Filipinos have a sense of individuality on how luxury is perceived in their eyes and these brands are another choice for them to consider, ” Ong says. “We see a trend of elegance, luxury, and following fashion trends going forward with home furnishing.”

Much like the clothes and accessories, these brands’ home furnishing lines also carry the design identities present in their respective boutiques—Armani features clean lines and textures for sophisticated comfort, Fendi is bold and colorful yet refined for that vibrant elegance, and Bottega Veneta creates subtle luxury though leather craftsmanship. Take your pick from any of the brands’ pieces to bring authentic luxury into your home.

Bottega Veneta’s Murano lamp
SOV Murano lamp
A product of an Italian region of the same name known for its long tradition of excellent glass making, the Murano lamp is a conventional home piece gone unique. It foregoes the shade typical in a lamp that diffuses the light and opts for glass instead. Even its stem is made of glass. Its wire is also covered in the brand’s signature leather weave using the technique intrecciato.

Fendi Casa’s Montgomery Sofa

SOV Montgomery sofa
A sofa that keeps on giving, the three- or four-seater Montgomery sofa has wide arms and seat, as well as a backrest made soft with either leather or fabric upholstery. It features linear geometry and contrasting leather details, elegantly defining and contouring the sofa.

Fendi Casa’s Brigitte Arm Chair


Defined by a soft and elegant silhouette, the steel-framed Brigitte chair bears both a welcoming vibe and element of timelessness. Its upholstery comes in various vibrant patterns, too. No animal leather has been used in this blue croc variant, though. This version of the chair features croc-printed leather in response to current demands for sustainability.

Armani Casa’s Versailles Wall Covering

SOV Versailles wall covering
Inspired by the luxury and radiance of the Versailles, the wall covering of the same name features shades of royal oaks with a fresco paint effect. It’s one of the many exceptional wall coverings in a collection of authentic masterpieces drawn from the castle made famous by King Louis XIV, as well as the majestic gardens surrounding it.

Armani Casa’s Morfeo Bed

SOV Morfeo bedCharacterized by thin, softly curved headboard and footboard, this is Armani’s concept of a floating bed. Both the cushion and rounded solid wood frame outlining the bed, Morfeo is clad in patterned fabric, customizable in nine colors.

Armani Casa’s Guinone Desk

SOV Guionone desk
With ends and edges completely rounded, the Guinone desk is all about the curves. The chests feature five drawers each, four with the same height and a higher one for larger storage. All drawers on the same side can be locked simultaneously with a leather-covered key. The opening system follows a rotational movement, and the metal handles have a special design by Armani Casa. Thanks to recessed bases, the chests are suspended, giving the desk a lighter look.

Fendi Casa’s Ripple Trays

SOV Ripple trays
Whether round or square, these Ripple trays can take not just drinks, but also home entertainment to the next level. Its Calacatta Warm Gold, Carrara Gioia, Verde Alpi, or Portoro Palladium variations are all made from Italian stone with black accents, as well as silver and gold streaks. A Fendi logo is engraved into the marble surface, too, inlaid with polished steel.

Bottega Veneta’s Red Wine Stem Glass

SOV Red Wine Glass
For all the wine nights at home, this stem glass can be your experience of mini luxury. Just like the glass lamp, this is also made from Murano’s traditional method of glass making.

Fendi Casa’s Prisme Marble and Eclipse Marble Coffee Tables

SOV Prisme and Eclipse coffee tables
The Prisme Marble coffee tables feature strong lines and storage space. The bridge is made of marble, while other versions are made of transparent tempered glass in the ultra-clear versions, or smoked, bronze, green, or blue tinted glass. Its internal parts are decorated in horizontal stripes with the Fendi logo. When combined with the Eclipse Marble coffee table, they become living room centerpieces and absolute conversation starters.

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