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A guide to getting that movie star hair, from the tousled to the quiff and the pompadour



La muvi star!” That’s how Mrs. Perlman described Oliver in the André Aciman novel Call Me By Your Name. In its 2017 film adaptation, actor Armie Hammer portrayed the character with such charm, enthralling the women—both the young and the mature—of the Italian Riviera. Maybe it was because of his knowledge in the arts, or the groovy way he danced, that females couldn’t help but swoon over him.

It also can’t be denied that his perfectly brushed golden hair amplified his confident aura. Indeed, he was a real-life Disney prince complete with vintage sunglasses for added coolness.


Kiko Estrada

Hair has a major contribution to the star factor. It has the ability to create an icon out of an ordinary man. From Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent, with the side-parted hair and a single curl on the forehead, as well as the dapper looks of Marlon Brandon and James Dean to our very own King of Philippine Cinema Fernando Poe Jr.’s quiff in his matinee days, the sleek, short, texturized hairstyle is as classic as the vintage men who wore it.

Copy that movie look through easy hair care and grooming routines that are sure to give you a leading role in the style game.

Keep your hair and scalp healthy


Ruru Madrid

The perfect base for any hairstyle is a head full of healthy hair. Do this by first determining what kind of scalp you have.

For an oily scalp, opt for hair strengthening products. The scalp naturally produces sebum that helps hydrate the hair. What the scalp needs is a product that will keep every strand in good condition. When washing it, gently massage the scalp to remove excess oil, which, when left on the scalp, may contribute to dandruff buildup.

A hydrating shampoo and conditioner can help bring a dry scalp to life. Products containing tea tree oil or aloe vera can relieve the scalp’s lack of moisture. This will also prevent the hair from becoming brittle and dull.

Avoid overdoing things


Teejay Marquez

Shorter hair is much easier to care for and groom. As much as possible, refrain from over-washing the hair. It is best to use conditioner regularly rather than shampoo. Limiting the use of shampoo can lessen the dryness and coarseness of the hair, and improve its natural oil production. Also, to avoid thinning hair, go easy with the combing. Compared to longer hair, shorter hair tangles less. Fingers are much gentler on the hair, and it is best for moving a lot of hair in one direction.

Dry it the right way


David Licauco

Removing water from the hair also contributes to its health, and how easy it is to style. Wet hair is more at risk to damage and breakage. Rubbing it vigorously with a towel stretches hair to its breaking point without anyone knowing it. Gentle pats and air-drying are the ways to go. These will help minimize split ends, frizziness, and thinning of the hair.

Choose styling products wisely

In order to achieve that modern leading man look, it is inevitable to use various styling products. It’s always a smart move to read the labels and know the ingredients that make up the product. Going all-natural or using less substances, especially the ones that are hard to remove in one wash, is the best option.




Pomade is the perfect styling product to use to achieve that classic leading man look. It’s versatile, easy to apply, and can help create that sleek look with a subtle shine. Bench Barber’s pomade comes in three formulations: the water-based that’s easy to apply as well as rinse, the clay that gives a matte finish without that sticky feel, and the Original infused with olive extract for that naturally brushed-up look. Just warm up the pomade by rubbing a bit between your palms, finger-comb it from roots to tip, and you can create that modern leading man look.

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