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The Moment Group does catering



“I grew up where I would bond with my family at the dining table because we love to eat,” says Abba Napa, co-founder of The Moment Group (TMG). “Filipinos love to eat. It is more than just nourishment, but being able to establish relationships with each other and have fun. That’s what food is about. I think that the best memories you can have, especially for Filipinos, will always be around food and drinks.”


The founders of The Moment Group Eliza Antonino, Abba Napa, and Jon Syjuco

Celebrating with good food, whether in an intimate or grand manner, is the best way to mark an occasion or create bonds and memories. Bringing that closer to home is TMG’s latest project— catering, Moment Catering.

Hosting dinners or socials is nothing new to the Filipinos. During the time of the datus and rajahs, great piggings were held whenever chieftains from other towns were welcomed. In the opening chapter of Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere, Capitan Tiago held a much-talked-about dinner replete with a mood-setting band and a generous feast.



Fast-forward to today, to help orchestrate a feast for whatever the occasion, making those moments memorable, the company took the next step and ventured into catering featuring its food brands such as Manam, 8Cuts, Ooma, Shawa Wama, and Mo’s Cookies.

“To be honest, we’ve never thought of entering the catering space when we started Moment,” says Abba. “It just so happens that over the last few years, our friends, Moment diners, U2, and the Backstreet Boys asked us to cater to their events. And we didn’t want to say no to them.”

I think that the best memories you can have, especially for Filipinos, will always be around food and drinks.

Together with Abba, TMG is also headed by Eliza Antonino and Jon Syjuco. People can choose from varied cuisines that will best suit their celebrations, from the Asian staples of Filipino and Japanese dishes to the West’s American and Euro-Mediterranean food. All these can be paired with Moment Catering’s formidable list of wine, cocktails, and spirits.




Among the great features is the Allergen Indicators, with symbols and information to notify diners about the food they’re eating. “I think that in this day and age, people want to be more informed about what they’re going to eat and want to make the right choices for themselves with all the different diets,” Abba tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “We want to be transparent about that so when they come to a party catered by Moment, they can make the decisions about it.”




With a starting price of P50,000, people will get a great feast no matter how small or big the celebration is. The menu can be customized and the food can be presented from buffet to cocktail style in a light or dark setup.





“There are a hundred million Filipinos in the country. It’s so nice that our diners, families, and friends ask us to cater and come into their home and office. That for us, is very nice,” says Abba. “It inspires trust and confidence in us. So we want to make sure we are giving them a good time. We’d love to feed more and more Filipinos, not just inside our own restaurants but anywhere. After all, that’s our motto: You worry about the fun, we’ll worry about the rest.”

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