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Lulu Wilson stars in Anabelle: Creation

Come play with me

By Paulyne L. Fermin Do not open or else. Keep out of other people’s business. Don’t talk to strangers. These are familiar admonitions grownups tell…

Life as parents from left: Kalon, Amanda, Kieran, Lila, and David

We were all kids once

By Amanda Griffin Jacob A week ago I had a run in with a most unpleasant man and his wife on a flight from Manila…

Super mom Gamelia Fesalbon with her daughters Andi and Sabreen

Flexi mom flexes her muscles

By Gameila Fesalbon What I love most about breastfeeding is the thought that we mothers are providing our babies with the best available nutrition there is even if we ourselves just ate…

yoga girl7

Yoga Girl

By Jenna Sy Erika Padilla is strength, energy, and passion all rolled into one happy mother-to-be. While preparing to raise her first child, she is also…

Adventure time the Jacob family during their recent trip to England

Traveling with Kids is Fun (Trust Me!)

By Amanda Griffin Jacob I’m nomadic by nature. I get antsy when I’m in one place for an extended period of time. The longest I…