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film photo4

Film photo intro

By Raffy Paredes The photographic film company Ilford has come out with a playlist of interesting animations titled “Introduction to Film Photogaphy.” The series includes:…

FIG.-1. The Region Curve is useful in adjusting exposure without messing up your image, the boundaries (1) ensure that you do not go overboard. Put a slight S-curve there and you get a nice contrast. The sliders (2) can still be moved after you’ve maxed them out in Basic panel. You may also try the presets (3) and adjust to taste. (Model: Ishi Hara Kelly)

Auto Focus: What is the Region Curve?

By Chris Malinao The Region Curve is easy, it’s the Tone Curve with training wheels. But there used to be a time, in Lightroom Version…

Summer pics5

Summer pics

By Raffy Paredes If you want to have some fun putting smiles on faces in photos, making people look years younger or older, or changing…

IG web version6

IG web version

By Raffy Paredes Instagram has a newly-updated web version that will make photo sharing much easier for those whose network or smartphone storage options make…

reunited by app9

Reunited by app

By Raffy Paredes While facial recognition apps have been receiving some flak because of intrusions into people’s privacy, the technology recently helped a Chinese man…

FIG. 1. A fine example for using the Point Curve is to apply a matted film look, a vintage look to a photograph. Newsprint and low-res screen display does not do justice to the example above, but trust us, you will see the effect on your own screen and in your own print when you work with your high-res images. The matte look is done by moving the black point up and in, and the white point down and in. Note the compressed histogram for the image above. This technique effectively removed the darkness in the darker tones, and the brightness in the brighter tones. Try it. (Model: Catherine Almirante)

Auto Focus: We Love Curves (Part 2)

By Chris Malinao In the last column, we talked about the Tone Curve and how precise it can be in controlling tonal gradations in our…